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"Do the best you can until you know better.
Then when you know better, do better." - Maya Angelou

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Flexible payment options for membership plans.

Access tailored learning material and join a community of leaders who value authentic inclusion and meaningful connections.

Pay yearly and get 2 MONTHS FREE!

Brave Lil' Convos

$15 Special!

This plan includes:

  • Join monthly sessions with industry learders and experts


  • First time's free, on us! No membership required. 


  • SHRM + HRCI certified


  • Topics vary and cover trending and timely issues.


  • Tactical tips and takeaways.

Essential Resources


This plan include:

  • Cultural Learnings including articles, infographics, and more!


  • Toolkit Essentials, such as quick guides, and tip and fact sheets.


  • Celebrating Culture: Monthly Calendar + Kit


  • Unlimited access to Brave Lil' Convos.

Community Library


This plan includes:

  • Enjoy all benefits from Essential Resources, plus access to the community-curated library. 


  • Handpicked collection of trusted resources, guides, and insights.


  • "Take one, leave one" and check back for more.


  • Diverse industries and knowledge domains.

Equity Cohorts


This plan includes:

  • Access to Community Library benefits, plus private spaces for Equity Cohort members. 



  • Intimate network of industry leaders working together.


  • Live cohort gatherings and asynchronous collaboration.


  • Safe space to learn with and from peers working in DEI. 

Brave Lil' Convos

Essential Resources

Community Library

Equity Cohorts

Membership Access

Peer Network
Peer network to collaborate openly with others involved in DEI-related work.
Curated Content
Community-curated resources, templates, reports, etc.
Toolkit Essentials
Practical tips, quick guides, fact sheets, infographics, and other helpful resources to create inclusive teams and workplaces.
Cultural Learnings
Informational articles, blog posts, infographics and other resources to build awareness about various dimensions of diversity.
Calendar + Kit
Monthly calendars and fresh tips to observe and celebrate holidays and affinity months with your teams.
Brave Lil' Convos
Monthly webinars about diversity, equity, and belonging; SHRM and HRCI certified. (Available for individual and membership purchases.)


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Which plan is best for you?

Choose Brave Lil' Convos if you ... 

  • Have interest in a featured learning topic or speaker.
  • Are a HR professional and seek Professional Development Credits (PDCs).
  • Want to expand awareness of timely issues related to diversity and inclusion.

Choose Essential Resources if you ... 

  • Want value for trusted resources and information.
  • Plan and need fresh ideas for monthly activations, cultural celebrations, observances, etc. at work.   
  • Will join more than 2 Brave Lil' Convos webinars.
  • Seek SHRM and/or HRCI PDCs for HR certifications. 

Choose Community Library if you ... 

  • Frequently search for trusted research, templates, reports, and material.  
  • Have reliable content to share about diversity and inclusion-related topics.
  • Want a step up from the "Essential Resources" plan for access to trusted information from peers.

Choose Equity Cohorts if you ... 

  • Want to learn from and with leaders who are driving change within their organizations
  • Value open and confidential conversations to troubleshoot nuanced scenarios.
  • Want to network with peers at different companies and industries.
  • Appreciate offerings from "Community Library" and want to connect live with others.